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Building and planning law

Building and planning law regulates the legal aspects of the planning, construction and use of buildings. It includes regulations on building permit procedures, building regulations and the legal claims and obligations of involved parties such as architects, builders and neighbors. Building and planning law in Switzerland is complex. Therefore, it is important to seek advice from a lawyer.

Building and planning law

We assist with

Building permit procedure

An important component of building and planning law is the approval procedure. We offer advice and representation in connection with building permits. Has a neighbor appealed against your building project or are you thinking of objecting to a neighboring building project yourself? We can help you draft your appeal and, if necessary, represent you all the way to the Swiss Federal Supreme Court.

Building contract

We conduct legal reviews of construction contracts. We assist in case of breaches of the contract – such as defaults in the performance of the contract – and advise on defect law. We draft subcontractor agreements and support you in enforcing your claims, if necessary, by establishing a tradesman’s or building contractor’s lien.

Zoning plan amendment

Is your property affected by a change in the zoning plan? Has your property been assigned to a protection zone? Will you suffer any disadvantages as a result? We will stand up for you and try to prevent the disadvantageous zoning plan change or obtain appropriate compensation.


According to the Federal Act on Spatial Planning and the cantonal legislation, municipalities are obliged to connect building zones to infrastructure within the period of time stipulated in the development program. This is the subject of many disputes. We are prepared to protect your interests.


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