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Business law

Business law regulates the legal relationships between companies, consumers and other economic players. It covers a wide range of legal areas, including antitrust law, fair trading law, insolvency law and commercial law.

Business law

We assist with

Unfair competition

Competition law aims to ensure that market participants only use fair means in competition and refrain from unfair and unlawful conduct or business practices. If a competitor violates these rules, this can lead to claims for damages and injunctive relief. We know how to enforce or defend your rights.


Advertising measures can be unfair and unlawful depending on their form and content. Comparative advertising must not be incorrect, misleading, unnecessarily disparaging or plagiaristic. We verify the legal conformity of your marketing measures.

Distribution structure and antitrust

We advise manufacturers on setting up distribution systems and accompany the introduction of new contract structures. We identify relevant risk factors for antitrust violations and review cooperation and distribution agreements.

Liability and compensation for damages

We provide advice and representation regarding the assertion of and defense against product liability and other claims for damages as well as shareholder claims.


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