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Contract law

Contract law regulates the legal relationships between contracting parties. It comprises the rules for the conclusion, performance and termination of contracts, and governs the rights and obligations of the contracting parties. Careful drafting of contracts is essential to avoid disputes.

Contract law

We assist with

Contract design

We advise you on the contractual design of your business relationships. This includes the drafting of contracts. We are specialized in the following types of contracts: sales contracts, work contracts, simple mandates, service contracts, supply contracts, license contracts, agency contracts, leasing contracts, franchise contracts, exclusive distribution contracts, loans, employment contracts, rental contracts, architect contracts, brokerage contracts and sponsoring contracts.

Contract negotiations

Contract negotiations and legal disputes can be time-consuming and resource-intensive. Targeted and swift action is required. We support you in and out of court in contract negotiations and legal disputes so that you can focus on other matters.

General Terms and Conditions (GTC)

GTCs form the basis of individual contracts in nearly all areas of commercial activity. We draft general terms and conditions of delivery and service for service providers and general terms and conditions of purchase for customers. We support consumers in assessing and monitoring the inclusion, validity, interpretation and content of the GTC used.

Law enforcement

Contractual agreements are often not fulfilled or improperly fulfilled. There is a delay in delivery, the purchased item is defective or the performance of a service subsequently becomes impossible. We advise and represent you in enforcing and defending your rights and claims. In close consultation with you, we develop suitable solutions to represent your interests in the best possible way.


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