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Data protection

Data protection law in Switzerland regulates the processing of personal data by private companies and federal bodies. The Federal Act on Data Protection (FADP) contains provisions on the duty to provide information, consent, cross-border disclosure and the monitoring of compliance with data protection regulations by the data protection officer.

Data protection

We assist with

In-house training, workshops

To ensure compliance with data protection regulations, specialized training is required. We offer workshops directly at the client’s premises in which employees are trained in the handling of legal problems in the area of data protection.

Data processing by third parties

The processing of personal data may be assigned to third parties by agreement or by law if the data is processed only in the manner permitted for the instructing party itself and it is not prohibited by a statutory or contractual duty of confidentiality. The instructing party must in particular ensure that the third party guarantees data security. We draft the necessary contractual clauses.

Right to information

Any person may request information from the controller of a data file as to whether data concerning them is being processed. We help with the examination of the requests and the content of the information to be provided. We draft the disclosure letter and support you with introducing standardized processes.

Notification of a data breach

We take on the legal assessment of personal data breaches and advise on possible notification requirements towards authorities and affected persons. If necessary, we prepare the relevant notification.

Data protection statements

When processing personal data, companies are subject to a variety of duties to provide information. We draft data protection statements for publication on websites and apps and are responsible for drafting consent forms.

Data protection projects

Companies should ensure that they comply with the applicable data protection laws and regulations. This is because data protection violations are sanctioned with significant fines. We support you in making your company data protection compliant.


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