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General administrative law

General administrative law in Switzerland governs relations between citizens and administrative authorities. Administrative law regulates the procedures that administrative authorities must follow when making decisions. It also stipulates how citizens can assert their rights and take action against ordinances of administrative authorities.

General administrative law

We assist with

Permits and licenses

For the exercise of certain professions and services, it is necessary to obtain a license. We advise you on the application process and we protect your interests in the event of an imminent withdrawal of a license.

Environmental law

If land is contaminated, this has legal consequences. For example, the sale of contaminated land requires a permit by the relevant authority. Who is to bear the costs for the remediation is often disputed. We advise and represent you before all administrative and judicial bodies.


A concession confers the right to exercise a monopolized activity or involves the allocation of public property for special use. We support you in the concession procedure as well as in any disputes with the authorities.

Short-time work

If your company’s operations cease or are temporarily reduced for extraordinary reasons outside your company’s control (e.g., unusual weather conditions, a downturn in the economy or a pandemic), you can apply to introduce short-time working. The main aim of short-time working is to avoid having to lay off employees. We support and advise you in your interactions with the authorities. We enforce your claims before all administrative bodies.

Expropriation law

Expropriation is only allowed in certain exceptional cases regulated by law. We help you to exercise your rights promptly and effectively. We check whether the requirements for expropriation are met and help you to obtain appropriate compensation.

Administrative proceedings

An important part of general administrative law is the administrative procedures that administrative authorities must follow when making decisions. The parties involved must be given the opportunity to present their views and evidence. We are specialized in litigating before all judicial and administrative bodies.


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