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Intellectual property law

Intellectual property law governs the protection of intellectual creation as well as technical inventions. It protects the rights of authors, inventors and trademark owners and ensures that they are adequately remunerated for their work. We ensure adequate protection of all sorts of literary, artistic, musical and cinematographic works as well as technical inventions and trademarks.

Intellectual property law

We assist with

License agreements and transfers of rights

Licensing law mixes elements of intellectual property law and contract law. We advise and support you in the transfer or licensing of intellectual property rights. In the process, we draft contracts tailored to your individual needs.

Infringement of intellectual property rights

Infringements of industrial property rights often lead to court proceedings. We represent and defend you in court in the event of infringements of intellectual property rights concerning trademarks, copyrights or designs.

Copyright protection of photographs

Photographs by professional photographers as well as by amateurs are protected by copyright. Anyone who wants to use other people’s photographs beyond private use needs the permission of the author or other copyright holder. If a copyright infringement has taken place, we will support you in protecting your claims.

Know-how and trade secrets

We advise you on all questions concerning the protection of trade secrets. We draft contractual clauses to protect the confidentiality of information. In particular, we advise on confidentiality declarations and confidentiality agreements.


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