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IT law

IT law governs the legal aspects of the use of information technology and digital media. It is an interdisciplinary area of law that includes elements of commercial law, data protection law, copyright law and competition law. For companies that use digital media and information technology, it is essential to be familiar with the applicable laws and regulations in IT law.

IT law

We assist with

Hardware and software contracts

We draft and review all types of IT contracts, in particular, contracts for the purchase, development, use or maintenance of software or hardware. We conduct contract negotiations and support you if irregularities and disputes arise in your IT project.


We provide legal advice to providers of online services and online shops. We draft the necessary declarations and statements, taking into account the mandatory information requirements. We draft legally-compliant GTC and data protection declarations.

Online marketing

We advise you on the legality of different forms of digital advertising (e.g., email, lottery, social media). We ensure that your online marketing measures comply with all legal requirements.

Applications and online platforms

Do you intend to offer your services as a mobile application (app)? We know the legal framework and pitfalls. We design the terms of use, which must comply with service- and platform-specific requirements on a case-by-case basis.


In the case of failed IT projects, we litigate before all courts, representing both providers and clients. It is crucial to make the complex and technical facts understandable to the court and to show the reason for the failure of the project.


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