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Labor law

Labor law regulates the relationship between employers and employees. It defines the rights and obligations of both parties. In Switzerland, labor law provisions can be found in various decrees that regulate issues such as employment contracts, wages and salaries, working hours, notice, leave, maternity protection and discrimination.

Labor law

We assist with

Drafting employment contracts

The employment contract specifies the terms of the employment relationship, including salary, working hours, holidays and notice periods. Employers are obliged to pay reasonable wages and to provide adequate working conditions. We draft individualized employment contracts and sample contracts for different professions.


Your employer has terminated the employment relationship and you consider the notice of termination to be unlawful? Are you planning to terminate the employment relationship with a certain employee and want to ensure that all legal requirements are met? We advise and represent you in all matters relating to the termination of employment contracts.


The employee may at any time request from the employer a reference concerning the nature and the duration of the employment relationship, the quality of their work and conduct. The reference must meet certain minimum formal and material requirements. We prepare sample references or check the legality of references received by employees.


The employer must pay the agreed or customary salary or the salary that is fixed by standard employment contract or collective employment contract. If the employer pays a bonus over and above the salary on particular occasions, such as at Christmas or the end of the financial year, the employee is entitled to such bonus when it is contractually stipulated. We advise and support both employees and employers in all legal matters concerning salaries.


We represent our clients before all courts and in all legal proceedings, in particular regarding protection from termination as well as compensation claims or anti-discrimination claims.

Advising HR departments

We advise HR departments on a wide range of labor law issues such as contract drafting, recruiting services, the termination of employment relationships, salary in the event work is not possible or regarding prohibition of competition.


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