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Tenancy law

We advise and represent both landlords and tenants in all tenancy law matters. It is important to seek advice from a specialist to avoid legal problems and to defend your interests.

Tenancy law

We assist with

Rental agreements

Would you like to lease residential or commercial premises and set up an accordant contract? Or do you doubt the legality of individual contract clauses? We will be happy to support you. We are specialized in drafting and reviewing rental agreements.

Unfair rents

The law protects tenants against unfair rents pertaining to leases of residential and commercial premises. We defend tenants against excessive rents and inappropriate living conditions. We assess the legality of rent increases and evaluate whether there is a claim for rent reduction.

Supplement charges

Supplement charges are the consideration due for services provided by the landlord or a third party in connection with the use of the property. They are payable by the tenant only when this has been specifically agreed with the landlord. Furthermore, you need only pay supplement charges costs that are legally permissible. Repairs and maintenance costs, for example, are not included in the supplement charges. We can check your supplement charges statement and assess the admissibility of the individual items.

Defects and damage to the rented property

Are you wondering what kind of repair and maintenance work must be paid for by the tenant? Or would you like to clarify what legal claims exist if the landlord fails to remedy a defect within a reasonable time? We advise landlords and tenants regarding liability for repairs and maintenance and in the event of damage to the rented property.


Termination of residential and commercial premises is only possible in compliance with the notice period and termination dates and must meet certain formal requirements. Furthermore, a notice of termination may be challenged when it contravenes the principle of good faith. You have received a notice of termination and consider it unjustified? Or as a landlord you would like to ensure that an intended termination complies with the law? We will be happy to advise you on the topic of the termination.

Extension of the lease

The tenant may request the extension of a fixed-term or open-ended lease if termination of the lease would cause a degree of hardship for them or their family that cannot be justified by the interests of the landlord. When weighing the respective interests, the relevant authority has particularly considered the personal, family and financial circumstances of the parties, as well as their conduct.

Noise pollution

The tenant must use the object with all due care. If the lease relates to immovable property, the tenant must show due consideration for others who share the building and for neighbors. We will advise you on your legal rights and duties. Depending on the extent and nature of the noise nuisance, this may entitle you to a rent reduction.


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