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Real estate law

Real estate law regulates the rights and obligations of owners, buyers and sellers of real estate. It includes issues such as land register law, purchase agreements, easements and law of neighbors.
In Switzerland, there are various laws, ordinances and rules that affect real estate law. It is important to seek advice from a lawyer to ensure that all legal requirements are met.

Real estate law

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Purchase and sale of land

Buying or selling a house generally entails large sums of money. It is particularly important to analyze the content of the property purchase contract. The property purchase contract must be publicly notarized. Nevertheless, it is important to seek legal advice. This is because the notary public is obliged to remain neutral. We, on the other hand, will represent your personal interests.

Real estate brokerage

When concluding a contract, real estate agents usually use general terms and conditions that modify the legal situation unilaterally in favor of the agent. To protect yourself from unpleasant surprises, it is recommended that you consult a lawyer before concluding a brokerage contract. We will help you with the contract negotiations and represent you in the event of legal disputes.


A parcel of land may be encumbered in favor of another property such that the servient owner must permit the owner of the dominant property to exercise certain rights over it to or may not exercise certain of the rights attaching to their property for the benefit of the owner of the dominant property. It is worth taking a closer look at easements before acquiring a property. We help you understand the meaning and effects of easements. We also draft easement agreements.

Law of neighbors

While exercising their ownership rights, landowners are obliged to refrain from any excess detrimental to neighboring properties. You can defend yourself against excess detriment such as air polluting emissions of noxious vapors, noise, vibrations, radiation or the deprivation of sunlight or daylight.


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